Temperature screening

Hikvision Temperature Screening Solution proudly presents medical cameras that enable non-contact recording of body temperature with an accuracy of +/- 0.3 ー C, which is sufficient for the detection of people with fever.

High measurement accuracy is possible because the infrared radiation of the thermal camera is calibrated in real time via a “blackbody” radiation source. Software that analyzes data from the camera signals to the operator whether or not a person has a fever by changing the color of the human body.

In addition to thermal recording, the camera also enables high-resolution video recording and real-time analysis of all data. It should be noted that this is a medical camera that differs from other customized security systems and that it is a solution that measures body temperature, which is not a standard function of thermal cameras.

Thermal cameras are devices that many companies hope will enable them to work, open up the economy, while protecting people from the threat of COVID-19. These devices are used as an additional, non-invasive, fast and cost-effective preventative measure – to quickly scan the body temperature of people from a safe distance, and if fever is detected – one of the earliest and most common symptoms in people infected with coronavirus, the company may require additional examination or prohibit a person with a fever from entering the room.

This technology began to be applied in Asia during the SARS epidemic in 2003, and could now help companies around the world work with prevention measures during a pandemic. Thermal cameras are used to scan the body temperature of people entering the room, doing it faster than manual scanning with classic non-contact thermometers (scanning people passing by), and is most often used at airports, bus and train stations, health facilities, institutions, shopping malls , catering facilities and even in residential buildings where a large number of people live.

Compared to manual scanning of passers-by with non-contact thermometers, in addition to the increased scanning speed, the use of a thermal camera provides an additional level of security by being carried out with respect to “social distance”.

The camera is used by mounting it at the entrance (or entrances if the building has multiple entrances) so that each passer-by must pass through the camera frame when entering the room. The thermal camera scans passers-by with a safe ditance (1.5 – 2m), and if their body temperature is higher than the set limit – usually 37.3 ー C, the device will sound a visual and audible alarm, and display a warning on the display. The camera can also be connected to a PC so that an overview of the loaded values ??of the measured passer-by temperature can be displayed on a larger screen.

After that, people with fever usually go for an additional scan, usually an additional measurement of body temperature with a non-contact thermometer, and at the discretion of the facility management, may be referred for additional examinations or may be barred from entering the facility.

This technology works by detecting and “capturing” infrared light – a type of electromagnetic radiation or energy invisible to the human eye but noticeable as heat. All matter emits a certain level of infrared light, and the highest is fire. Cameras can convert this energy into an electronic signal, create a thermal image and perform temperature calculations.

Advantages of thermal cameras as a body temperature scanning system:

    Contactless scanning: Scanned persons do not have to be in close proximity to the operator to scan their body temperature.

    Immediate results: Body temperature scanning takes place in real time as subjects pass in front of the thermal camera. The system sounds an alarm when it detects a fever.

    High precision: Thermal cameras provide loading of the subject’s skin temperature with small error limits.

    Portability: Thermal CCTV camera systems can be easily installed in most public places.

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