Interesting Facts About Rubbish Clearance

Australians are among the world’s biggest rubbish producers when it comes to rubbish manufacturing. Despite knowing very well that this is neither sustainable in the long run, nor environmentally friendly, we’re sending more and more waste to landfills.

As the owner of 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins, a business in Brisbane South that offers rubbish Clearance, I will take this opportunity to detail some fascinating rubbish information that you might not be aware of. Hopefully, you’ll consider engaging in proper garbage disposal methods when you’re finished reading this post.

1. Australians are among the top rubbish producers in the world.

Every single year, Australians generate an incredibly large amount of garbage per head of population. In fact , when it comes to producing domestic garbage, Australia is second only to the USA.

2. Every day, ordinary Australian households dispose of 2.25 kg of garbage

Every day, the average Australian household produces about 2.25 kg of rubbish. Even though it might not seem like it, this is very big. Over a year, 2.25 kg of garbage being disposed of every day is enough waste to fill a three-bedroom house completely.

3. Only 4% of our e-waste is recycled.

Australians also produce large volumes of e-waste per year, along with domestic garbage, according to estimates of about 140,000 tonnes. Just 4% of this e-waste is submitted for recycling, however.

4. Household recycling is doing well in Victoria, too.

The recycling rate for households in Victoria is very high. Household recycling across the state is expected to save 8,960 ML of water in Victoria every year. This is adequate to meet over 3,370,000 people’s water consumption needs for a week.

5. A lot of waste is diverted away from landfills.

While a lot of garbage is sent to landfills, it also diverts a lot of waste away. Nearly 55% of general domestic waste, 95% of recyclable waste and 97% of organic garbage were diverted away from landfills in 2015.

The Conclusion:

Australians are among the world’s biggest garbage producers and we come second only to the USA. Average households in Australia produce 2.25 kg of domestic garbage daily. Since we produce over 140,000 tonnes of e-waste every year, just 4% of this is recycled. Wasted food items also make up a huge portion of our garbage. While they are recyclable, we dispose of aluminium cans and plastic bags poorly. However, with an 87 percent recycling rate, we’re doing pretty good with paper recycling. Household recycling is also doing well in Victoria and we are diverting a lot of rubbish away from landfills.

You can do all you can as a responsible citizen to dispose of garbage in the correct way. Hire a skip bin from us at 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins to ensure your garbage is disposed of properly. In Brisbane South, our skip bins are your best option for successful and inexpensive rubbish removal.

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