Yes, You can control Day/Night mood. At the very Right,  you can see a SUN/MOON icon. By clicking on that icon, you can control the mood.

Yes, You can. That’s for what the Reddul has been created. Before you post any content in Reddul, You need to make sure that you post is good to go with the Reddul content policy

Yes, You are allowed to ask questions? We have a category called “Ask Reddul“, You can ask anything here.

Yes, You can. But You must have to put the reference link there, Otherwise it will be counted as a violation of out content policy. And that post can be deleted from Reddul.

We don’t necessarily approve or agree with all content that users submit to Reddul. But remember one thing. If your post or links is reported by any users of Reddul Community, we will review that post manually, and make sure that it’s okay with Our policy. If your post cannot go with our content policy, we will remove that post permanently from Reddul.

Unfortunately we cannot help you with this issue. There is an option in our website called “Forgot Password?”, You can reset your password there.

You are highly encouraged to share your thought with Reddul. We have a category called “Ideas for Reddul“, If you want to suggest publicly, You can post here. Or if you want to send privately, You can contact us here.

We respect your privacy. And every single information, you shared with Reddul is safe and secure. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy Page.

If any user delete his/her post from his/her profile, It will be deleted for ever. Even the related images and Videos will be deleted for ever. Reddul doesn’t keep any users data.

If you make friends within Reddul, you can send and receive messages from your friends. Redduls doesn’t access on your personal data. Your conversations are encrypted.